Urethane PigsDual Pipe Disc Pig



This dynamic style of pig offers the ultimate challenge that most pigs are unable to achieve. To be flexible enough to travel as well as clean reduced pipe and multi wall. The discs are designed to bend back around the smaller discs while the front provides maneuverability and scraping in the tighter areas. When the pig reaches the larger O.D. the discs will regain memory and effectively clean the surface.

The picture on the left shows a Dual Pipe Pig in a 4″ line traveling to a 3″ line. This is possible by the intuitive design. The front cup and disc will do the majority on the smaller line until you return to the larger line. The smaller discs in between allow the larger discs to bend back around for ease into the smaller line size. The discs placements can be rearranged to handle various applications.

The Dual Pipe Pig is available in 2 styles – 3″ to 4″ size and 2″ to 3″ size and a variety of lengths to suit your needs.