Urethane PigsFilming Pigs

FilmingFilming pigs were designed to apply any type of coating or film on the interior of pipe walls. In order to apply a film, the pig is designed with a by-pass disc and a spreading disc which is machined as per specification requirements. The unique conenose has greater maneuverability around short bends, such as 45°’s, 90°’s and T’s.

Filming pigs, like all solid cast urethane products, can be manufactured in the variety of durometers available for flexibility or more chemical resistant. Filming pigs are available in 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12” and 16″ (see 16″ SPD details) sizes. Filming pigs can also be machined to odd sizes. Exact outside diameters are available upon request.